The Cross Sector Platform (CSP) is a Bowler patented and unique rolling chassis, offering a multi-use vehicle platform which can be fitted with industry standard ranges of modular sub-systems and components.

The design philosophy enables several vehicle variants to be operated, serviced and maintained from common parts and methods. The patented chassis design provides for common electrical architecture, engines and drivetrains to be applied, with powertrains sourced and substituted from global vehicle manufacturers if required and where available. This common vehicle architecture further allows for spares and service items to be readily available from established OEMs and their dealer networks across the globe.

CSP Concept Vehicle
CSP Concept Vehicle by Bowler
Bowler CSP

Applying Bowler’s 30 year history and deep expertise in extreme off road competition and producing high mobility all terrain performance vehicles, contributed towards the CSP’s ability to deliver outstanding mobility, agility and performance in the harshest of conditions.

This advanced chassis not only underpins the latest generation of Bowler road and race vehicles, but also represents the option for an entire family of vehicles to be customised for specialist applications including on road, off road, emergency response, defence and protection, sport and recreation, humanitarian, filming, utility, exploration and more.

Designs for a next generation 6×6 Forward Control Variant ‘Mule’ are being considered, and could be developed with the appropriate R&D funding, coupled with further market research and a specific vehicle project to ensure the robust testing and development for applications such as troop carriage, logistic support, ambulance and fire services.

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To see how the CSP looks in one guise, take a look at Bowler’s CSP Concept Vehicle

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